Scope: This is a visual inspection of the home found at the listed address of


We inspect only what we can see.  We do not disassemble anything.  We do not inspect for any environmental issues such as lead paint, asbestos, etc..  We do not inspect for building codes, soil analysis, and adequacy of design, capacity, efficiency size, value, flood plain location, pollution or habitability. Please remember that older houses do not meet the same standards as newer homes, even though items in both might be performing the function for which they are intended.  We do not hold ourselves to be specialists for any particular item; nor are we engineers.  We are a general real estate inspection company.  This inspection report covers only the items listed in the report which are reasonably observable and are based only on the present condition of those items.
For example, we do not move furniture, rugs, paintings, or other furnishings.  There is no responsibility expressed or implied for latent defects, or for defects not reasonably observable at the time of the inspection, or for defects that would require the removal of major or permanent coverings for observation.  No representation is made concerning any condition other that the operability of any items.  No representation is made as to the future performance of any item.  There are no warranties, either expressed or implied.  If you would like a warranty of guarantee you must obtain it from a warranty company.  When an item is noted as not functioning or in need of repair, replacement or further evaluation by a specialist, the purchaser agrees to contact a qualified specialist to make further evaluations of the item before you purchase the home.

Dispute Resolution: In the event a dispute arises regarding this inspection, the purchaser agrees to notify by letter, the Inspector, so as to give a reasonable opportunity to re-inspect the property.  Purchaser further agrees that the (Inspector) can either conduct the re-inspection himself or can employ others (at his expense) to re-inspect the property, or both.  Liability for mistakes and / or omissions in this inspection is limited to a refund of the applicable Inspection amount only.

Defense Cost: In the event the purchaser files suit against (inspector) or its inspector, the purchaser agrees to pay all the company’s legal fees, costs of expert witnesses, court costs, costs of depositions and all other such expenses incurred by (inspector) if the purchaser fails to prevail in the lawsuit.

Exclusivity: The report is prepared exclusively for the Client(s) named and is not transferable to anyone in any form.  Client(s) gives permission for inspector to discuss report findings with real estate agents, specialists or repair persons for the sake of clarification.
By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read this agreement and it’s limitations and agree to pay at the time of inspection the amount agreed upon ______________________ for this  report. 
(You may call or Text Mike at 918-857-4114 for prices.)

Exceptions to Payment at time of Inspection by advance agreement only.

If this report is to be paid at closing and there is a problem that arises so that the closing is postponed or does not close, the Purchaser agrees to issue a check at that time for the services rendered in this inspection.  Realtor or Closer will see that the check is delivered to Covington Inspections LLC, 8921 N 143rd E Ave, Owasso, OK 74055.

I understand the terms and conditions written here are for a full inspection and I agree to be bound by these.

Sign here for Full Inspection:


EMP ONLY INSPECTION (for those who only want an EMP Inspection)

EMP (Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing):   The buyer understands that by having only an EMP Inspection that the inspector will not be inspecting or be held liable for the Structural, Exterior, Roof, Interior and Insulation & Ventilation. 

By Signing here, the buyer understands that this is for an EMP only inspection:


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