Photo Gallery:
Visually seeing some bad problems-not
in your house,right? Are you sure?


This series of photos show Electrical problems just waiting to happen.
electrical wires outside the box no electrical cover
Open junction box in attic Open junction box
not quite up to code electrical wiring problem
Improper electrical connection All wires need to terminate in a sealed junction box
more wiring problems where it all starts
Junction box not sealed and electrical
wire not in flex conduit
Service wires entering the house are too low--Safety Hazzard
unusual electrical panel wiring problem
Safety Hazzard--open circuit breaker box Open electrical box
problem with a electrical switch photo of bad wiring in attic
Unsafe electrical switch--should not be taped on Old wiring needs to be replaced
very bad wiring--fire danger high photo of bad electrical wiring
Wiring like this keeps the Firemen in work! Dangerous Electrical Wiring
photo of bad electrical wiring connections Photo of very old wiring
Bad electrical connections--must be replaced Very old wiring--dangerous to entire household
Photo of old breaker box--needs removed old wiring and pipes don't mix
Old fuse box--replace for safety sake Never mix old wires, plumbing, and drain pipes

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