Covington Inspections: What people are saying....

Mike did a great job inspecting the house. He was very good at explaining what he saw. Thanks Mike!
- J.C., May 2014

Covington was polite on the phone then followed thru with allowing me to observe and passively learn what he was seeing during the actual inspection. His spoken thoughts were commom sense, but the condition of the neglected property does take planning, labor, skills, energy and materials to fix. I have purchased and owned property before, but I certainly understand the value of a quality inspection now. Thank you.
- L.J., September 2013

On time and did a very good job.
- S.s., July 2012
fast, accurate, and reasonable!
- B.S., Sperry OK, July 2012

Mike, Thank you for your time and careful inspection of our potential home. You are obviously a very knowledgeable about construction and the condition of such construction. Your knowledge, combined with your honesty, pleasant smile and warm demeanor, make you into a wonderful man simply perfect to do the job right. Thank you! -Randy
- K.S., October 2011

I would highly recommend for a through and honest inspection. I will use your services for my company from here on.
- A.P., July 2010

Thank you, You are really good with all the clients and the home owners.
- C.H., July 2010
Charles was excellent and answered all our questions. He is very friendly and familiar with the region. He was on time, and affordable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants an inspector. He is very professional and easy to work with.
- S.W., April 2010
thank you so much for your time. we really appreciate you.
- D.M., December 2009
Thank you for your time. The report seems very detailed and what I was needing. Thanks-Suzzie
- S.W., September 2009
We recommend Mr. Covington 100%.
- V.C., July 2009
Very smooth inspections.. Will suggest you to family
- P.M., July 2009
Good to see you again. I believe I called you Mike today. Sorry about that..... I appreciate your prompt work and clear communication with the buyer and seller. Thanks, Art
- A.H., July 2009

Very up todate on codes, great communications with buyers, sellers and realtors. Excellent price
- B.S., Sperry OK, July 2009

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