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A Full Inspection provides the buyer an overview of the condition of the building or home, identifies weaknesses, and identifies items which may fail or are in need of immediate repair.  While this inspection is thorough, it is not a warrantee and does not guarantee whether or not hidden or additional problems will surface or will not surface later.  This inspection is very detailed and provides the homeowner a very detailed snapshot of the home’s condition.

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Covington Inspections

Prices are negotiated (most are in the $200 to $300 range based on square footage and location).  I do work with a Termite inspector and can arrange for him to be at the inspection. I include his fees in my charge and show them on the report.   I am below the pricing of other inspectors because I want you the buyer to know that I am working for you.  You may call me, Charles or "Mike" Covington, at 918-857-4114. I am a retired Carpentry teacher and just want to help. Thanks for considering my servicies!

Full Inspections cover everything.  I have a termite inspector who will work with me to do the termite part of inspection.

The Full Inspection (This is only a sampling of all the items that I check):

Structural Inspections should be done first! Why? So that if I find something wrong with the foundation, footing or attic bracing I talk to you and let you make the call to end the inspection without paying for a full inspection.

The Roof:

The Attic:

Exterior of home;

Crawl space:

The interior of the home:

The electrical system:

Water fixtures:


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