New Home Inspections

Inspecting a new home construction involves many phases. There is an inspection report for each phase, with pictures and narrative descriptions. Additionally, I will talk with the home buyer and also the builder after each inspection is performed. Each phase of the construction process needs to be inspected and documented. Since multiple trips are required, addition fees may apply.
New home inspections are done in stages.

  1. Site plan
  2. Foundation,footing, slab, plumbing rough-in
  3. Wall ceiling rafter framing
  4. Electrial, and HVAC
  5. Roofing and exteriors
  6. Interiors, walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets
  7. Final walk through.

A home that is complete, recently finished will be considered as a full home inspection as there will be only one inspection covering everything. See full inspections for the items checked.

Email Mike to schedule your inspection.

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