Structural Inspections

A structural Inspection checks the integraity of the home.  It will be the key to your purchase.  Without a firm foundation the home will show signs of failure.  In Oklahoma we have such extreme weather conditions.  This, mixed with a clay based soil, creates problems when the ground is wet, because it swells pushing up the foundation, and then it dries out and the home settles lower.  Most of the issues with foundations are with moisture penetration into the ground around the footing of the home or into the structural frame-work causing it to deteriorate.

A Structural inspection checks the overall condition of the home.
It includes but is not limited to the following check points:

A Structural Inspector should check the structural first! Why?, because this  will determine whether or not you the buyer will purchase this home!  This is rare and involves houses that have unusual settling or visible stress cracks. I personally will talk to you before going any deeper into a home inspection.  This will save you money and maybe keep you from making a serious mistake.

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